Saturday, February 16, 2013

The 2013 Garden Begins!

I discovered that the hard neck (unk variety) garlic tops sets that I saved from last year had started to sprout.  So I decided to try an experiment and plant them in seed a seed tray.  

If you have big clumsy fingers like me, a pair of angled forceps is a great tool for planting seed trays.  1/2 the tray is the garlic, the other 1/2 is the rest of the Yellow Spanish Sweet onions we got from sand hill preservation center in 2011.  

We are also running a germination test on all the seeds we plan to sell this year.  

Listed from left to right;

Lot 13  Margaret's Pepper
Lot 26  Margaret's Pepper
Lot 28  Mayo Indian Amaranth
Lot 12  Gardener's Delight Cherry Tomato
Lot 24  Harlequin Marigold
Lot 16  Gardener's Delight Cherry Tomato
Lot 10  Black Locust
Lot 17  Gardener's Delight Cherry Tomato
Lot 20  Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

We also have the Deep blue alpina columbine, but unfortunately I forgot to stratify it, so we won't be able to test that for another 6 weeks or so.

It's not a lot, but it feels good to have some seed planted.  Here's to balmy weather and a great season.

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