Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chicken update 4/4/13 Fencing

     We got our fencing yesterday and it's keeping the chickens contained even though we have not electrified it yet.  I obviously overestimated the chickens reasoning capacity in thinking they would try to break free to get to their favorite foraging spots.  They really just deal with what is in front of them right now.  I had to laugh as I saw one of the ameraucana pullets try to figure it out.  She stared at the fence for a bit then started following the perimeter.  After about 10 steps she got distracted by something in the grass.  About a step away from the fence, she froze as if she just realized she was supposed to be doing something important, but couldn't remember what it was.  Bird brain.  They still make me laugh every day, and the  daily chores don't seem like chores at all.

This will be their setup until it is warm enough to uncover the hoop coop and put the wheels back on.  I put our picnic tables and some pallets in for overhead cover.  It's good to get some control over the situation.  Now I can plant some peas and lettuce!

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