Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chicken update 9/15/12

     The chickens are doing really great so far.  I was finally able to get a good count yesterday and confirm that we still have all 26.  So feeling good about that.  They are almost 8 weeks old now, so about 1/2 way to laying.

  We have been letting them out more and more when we are home and can keep an eye on them.  They really enjoy getting out to forage, and they are a joy to watch, especially when they are turning my compost for me and adding to it. 

     A couple of days ago, right after I let the chickens out, a gigantic hawk swooped down out of the neighbor's tree.  My heart was pounding as the roosters sounded the alarm and everyone raced back into the coop.  I stepped out towards the incoming raptor and it veered off away.  I didn't see it again for the rest of the evening and was able to let the flock out again without incident.
This is either a Rode Island Red or a Red Star Pullet, we have 6 of each but I'm not really sure which are which.

One of our Araucanas, we have 13 of them.

This is our free exotic chick, still no idea what kind it is.

We definitely have at least 2 roosters in the flock.  So far that hasn't been much of a problem, but I expect that we will have to cull one of them eventually.  I am glad we have them though, hopefully we can get a broody hen or two and replenish the flock with chicks in the spring.


  1. Your exotic chick looks like an Ameraucana as well. (True Aurucanas are rumpless, like quail, have ear tufts and don't do well in Wisconsin.)

    1. Thanks for the tip. I have wondered what the difference was between Ameraucanas and Aurucanas.