Thursday, September 6, 2012

Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle

Popillia japonica



     Easy to recognize by it's shiny metallic green and copper color, the Japanese Beetle can be a real pest in the garden.  They are just over 1/2" long and just under 1/2" wide.  It eats leaves and flowers and if left unchecked, can defoliate many species.  Eggs are layed in the soil and hatch into white grubs.  The adult beetles emerge in late Summer and begin feeding.
     Many people trap them with lure traps commonly available in garden centers.  This is not generally advized as the pheremone lures tend to attract many more beetles to the area than can be trapped.

     We have found that our chickens love to eat them, and regularly clean out the garden using a homemade bug trap (basically a funnel on a jar). 



Most flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables

Observation 9/7/12: While collecting Japanese beetles for the chickens today, I noticed that the ones on the Rose of Sharon Hibiscus were very lethargic, I wonder if it has a narcotic effect on them?


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  1. Hello, Could you tell me where you got this beetle picture? Did you take it yourself or find it online? I would like to use it for a brochure that I am designing. Please respond,