Friday, January 18, 2013

Chicken Update 1/18/2013

     We have been finding anywhere between 2 and 8 eggs daily, bringing us up to 3 dozen so far.  After 5 months of chicken chores, it sure is nice to get something out of it.  The greenish eggs are from the Americanas, the dark brown from the Rhode Island Reds, and the tan from the Red Stars.

I added plastic over the coop door to cut down on wind infiltration

and added some nest boxes.  Very important; both to keep the eggs clean, and to prevent them from getting stepped on and broken.  If the chickens break the eggs accidentally they tend to eat them, which can lead to egg pecking behavior problems.

     I also replaced the 2x2 roost that we had running across the back with a longer 2x4 running back to front.  I've read that it's better to keep everyone on the same level to reduce "pecking order" disputes.  Much like people, the chickens all seem to want the tallest roost.  I rounded the corners on the 2x4 with a belt sander to make it more comfortable for the birds.  Nikki treated the wood with Linseed oil several days before I installed it.  This both preserves the wood and makes the small cracks less hospitable for mites and such. 

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