Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chicken Update- 1/27/2013

     The improvements to the hoop coop are working out well.  They seem to like the new roost and almost the entire flock can sleep on it; with only two birds on a dowel that's in the corner, a little lower than the main roost. 

They like the nest box, but of course they all want to use the same box.  In the shot above, 4 amaraucanas are all jammed together in the lower right hand box.

Even though our girls are still young and fairly small, I feel much better about a 1' cube nest box being big enough now that I have seen four of them inside one.


  1. Hi, I'm from the Homesteading Today site. Great chicken coop and nest box. It's always fun to look at something around the homestead and see in your head what you can build out of it. I blog too as a way to let the family see what we've been doing with the land and the animals, and to keep track for myself. We're over at

    1. Thanks for commenting, I like your blog.