Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Square Foot Garden #3

Bed #3

The Third square foot bed I made from 4' lengths of 2x8 lumber.  It is finished with a homade finish I found a recepie for online.  It is one part beeswax, and 5 parts mineral oil.  The mixture is gently heated and stirred until mixed, then cooled and applied as a paste.

I cut out the sod, similar to the first one, but this time I used cardboard instead of landscape fabric as a kill layer so that when it breaks down the bed will be connected to the ground and allow worms and such access.

Unfortunately I don't seem to have any pics from 2011, but the box was installed by mid Summer and it performed well.  We had Sweet Peppers (Margaret's), Cherry Tomatoes (Sugar Lump), Basil, and added Garlic (unk softneck)  in the Fall.  Everything did reasonably well.


Here is the bed after spring cleanup.  The emerging garlic is visible on the left side.
Planted with Celery (Giant Pascal), Broccoli (Deciccero), and a couple of cabbages all from starters
I was hoping that the broccoli would blanch the celery.


Added Pepper and Rosemary and sage where plants failed. 

The broccoli bolted in the heat and I cut off the flowers and mulched, hoping that it will start growing again in the cooler fall weather.  The Pepper (Margaret's) is doing really poorly.  Rosemary has not grown at all.

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